Introducing – gen² LED Tasklight

Price! – The #1 reason to buy gen² LED Tasklights. They are the same price as fluorescent tasklights.

If that’s not enough for you, here are a few more reasons.

2. It’s just BETTER!

a) Dimmable, with touch sensitive on/off control.
b) Lights can be linked (daisy-chained)
c) Small/Light-weight
d) Easy to install; includes magnetic and wood mounting hardware.
e) LEED points are available

3. Reduced Electric Bills
LED Tasklights use 50% less energy than fluorescent tasklights.

4. Reduce Maintenance Costs
The life span of an LED light is 6 times longer than fluorescent lights.

5. Increase Productivity
In addition to reducing the headaches and eyestrain that come from working under poor and failing lighting, LED technology provides excellent quality of light: crisp, bright, and able to come close to emulating natural daylight. This in turn leads to better cognitive performance and alertness. It also improves mood and morale, especially in the long, dark winter months.

Click here to see the gen² LED Tasklight PDF

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