gen² UP vs Risers

6 Things to Consider

1: Space – Risers take up valuable desk space. With gen² UP you keep 100% of your worksurface.

2: Price – Most risers cost the same as a completely new gen² UP desk, some cost much more.

3: Hassle – Most standard worksurfaces are 22″ to 24″ deep, most risers start at 28″ to 30″, requiring a custom made worksurface.

4: Safety – Risers that are fixed height have been reported to wobble and sway. Risers that are height adjustable have an inherent mechanical attribute of moving out towards the user in an arced movement, introducing instability, while pushing you away from your desk.

5: Function – Most risers have 2 options, up or down. gen² UP gives you the ability to program 4 heights, or you can manually control the up and down function with the press of a button, making your worksurface the exact height for your needs.

6: Durability – gen² UP bases can lift 350 lbs and our 3 legged option can lift 525 lbs, just try finding a riser with that capability.

We adjust to your height, we adjust to your space, we adjust to your style.
We adjust to you.

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