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Floor-to-Ceiling Wall

Floor to ceiling furniture systems are an outstanding option for companies looking for flexible solutions that can change and grow with their organization.  Floor to ceiling systems offer the following unique  benefits:

  • Adaptability – Workplace needs are constantly changing and hopefully, growing!  This system allows you to move, change and grow spaces to suit your needs.
  • Clean & Quick – Forego messy dry wall projects.  Your wall product will arrive assembled and ready for a quick and easy install!
  • Cost efficient – While traditional drywall may seem less expensive, add doors, windows and other architectural features and you may change your mind, especially if you are looking at a predominantly glass application.
  • Depreciation – Compared to a 32 year depreciation rate for traditional construction work, our gen² Wall floor to ceiling furniture systems can be depreciated as furniture over 7 years.
  • Attractive – Floor to ceiling furniture systems have a clean, open feel that integrates seamlessly into most modern office spaces.

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