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Height Adjustable Surfaces

Featuring gen² UP, our premium height adjustable system.

The average American sits 10 hours a day.  Prolonged sitting is now associated with increased risk for developing heart disease, diabetes and obesity, and don’t forget the the aching backs! The benefits of height adjustable worksurfaces have been all over the news and include not only overall wellness but also increased engagement and productivity from employees.  The human body was not designed to sit all day long!

These days, most major furniture manufacturers offer a height adjustable option for their furniture.  However, our gen² UP adjustable height base is unique!  Our frame-less design with  individual motors in each column give us capabilities that you do not have with other legs! We can also add our base to new or existing worksurfaces regardless of the manufacturer!    Talk to our design consultants about incorporating our 2-leg, 3-leg, 4-leg or 6-leg bases to worksurfaces and even tables!  Click here to see our gen² UP system on a 14’ conference table!  Our gen² UP base is one of the most smooth-operating and strongest height adjustable options on the market today.

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