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With the average American sitting for approximately 10 hours a day between work and home, selection of the right task seating in your workplace is very important.  In fact, your office’s chairs are the most commonly used and therefor, frequently replaced item in the workplace.

What makes finding the right chair difficult is people come in all shapes and sizes.  Therefore, the selection of the right type of chair and then providing the right adjustable features are critical to the employee’s’ wellness and comfort.  This is why National Office has invested in such a large inventory of sample seating for you to try, before you buy!  Our team of design consultants are seating experts and are able to guide you in your decision making by providing samples as well as demonstrations of the chair’s available adjustments.

  • task seating
  • executive seating
  • big and tall
  • guest seating
  • tandem seating
  • stools
  • conference room seating
  • break room seating
  • mesh-back seating
  • stackable chairs
  • budget friendly seating

Healthcare seating such as

  • Bariatric Seating
  • Recliners and sleepers

Click on the links below to see a few of our favorites!

Click here for a quick link to our Lounge and Reception section and learn more about our soft seating options.

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