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How to make open offices work for everyone

By Mandie Lee
January 14, 2019 Category: Article

Whoever thought that walls and doors could go out of style? Apparently, thats what has happened at offices nationwide. Seven in 10 American offices now have an open floor plan, rather than cubicles or private rooms. The open office aims to boost creativity, productivity and collaboration by making it easy for employees to interact. But that hasnt been the case for everybody. A study published this summer by researchers at Harvard Business School found that in-person interactions actually dropped more than 70 percent after workers moved from a cubicle to an open-plan workspace. Employee productivity also declined. Open offices and isolating cube farms arent our only two choices. Borrowing the best from both design approaches can give workers what theyre really after control and ownership of their workspace. When people decide for themselves where and how they work, theyre happier and more productive. That pays dividends for employees and employers alike. The mystique surrounding

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